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A Recovery Week For Muscle Building

What Is It?

Heavy weight training starts the muscle building process, and normally you should not miss any scheduled training days to have max results. However, every few months it is said you should have a scheduled week every few months. The point of this is to give your body a rest obviously. For months you push your body to its limits to further grow the muscle. Exercise is much like taking any kind of drug as you exercise your body gets used to this intensity and it becomes less and less effective so you have to always increase the intensity but of course like drugs there is an overdose limit where if you train any harder you will not be making significant muscle growth while if you don’t exercise that hard you also don’t make muscular gains this is where most people plateau. When you take the 1 week of rest per every few months you don’t completely reset the need for more intensity. The muscles are not the only part strained by heavy weight training so is the CNS (Central Nervous System) and this rest allow for your CNS to reset and prepare your body for another few months of going hard.

Is This Necessary

In no way are off week necessary for your casual lifter. Your guy or girl who goes to the gym a few times a week to get fit, to look good and just to enjoy the gym does not need off weeks. They simply do not train as intense as a serious/ hard core lifter and don’t need this.

The Mental Aspect

To me not training for 3 days drives me crazy, all I want to do is train and when I get back I have a completely refreshed motivation to train because iv forced myself not to do it for the entire week. Normally id think that if I left the gym for even a few days id start to shrink but now as I research I learn that there is an importance to taking a week off every few months and I think this knowledge will ease the thought of shrinkage the wont happen.

Simplified Summary

Recovery weeks every few months help with …

  • Reset CNS (Central Nervous System)
  • Allow the body to rest and prepare for next few weeks of training
  • Increase strength gains
  • Helps avoid plateau
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