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Bulgarian Method

Work up until a heavy single max every training session. Not a competition max but a daily max meaning that it is a for sure single with not much struggle.

After your max remove 50 – 60lbs and do a few (3 – 4 sets or 15 – 20 mins worth of time) backoff sets of doubles or triples with the rules no grinding out reps. so reps that are hard but are not a struggle (look up more back off methods)

Day 1:

  • Squat movement (back squats should be the main squat movement but you can use front squats as well)
  • Press movement (bench, OHP, incline bench, and push presses
  • Upper body pull (higher reps basically like bodybuilding work)

Day 2:

  • Lower body pull (deadlifts are harder to recover from so you should be doing mostly speed work so 6 sets of triples at 70 – 75% and you can work up to a heavy triple once per week but same rules as squats no grinding reps)
  • Press movement
  • Upper body pull

If you are training like this 5 – 6 times a week you will feel like you are going through what are known as the “dark times” because you will feel like shit your body will break down and your body will tell you to stop but of course you need to get through this dark time

Unloading Weeks

When you get soo broken down you need and unloading week you still go and train except you only go to 80% not to a heavy single max and then only do about half the back off sets so like 1 or 2. One of these should be every 2 – 3 weeks for beginners and every 4 for advanced.

Oversimplified Summary

  1. Work up to daily max
  2. Do a couple of backoff sets
  3. No psyching yourself up
  4. Minimal deadlifting (once or twice a week focusing on speed deadlifting)
  5. You’re gunna do it even if you feel like shit
  6. Take unloading weeks

Used for advanced athletes not beginners

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