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The 4 Aspects of Work

If you arent a big reader then here is a video on this exact topic

There are 4 mains categories you can place everything you do into

Fun Work

Paid Work

Necessary Work

and Unproductive Things

anything you do at any second in 24 hours of a day can be put into one of these 4 categories so let me describe what each mean and how you can truly understand the concept

The first category of work in my mind is Paid Work

We have all had a job which we have done solely for the money. these jobs are important as these jobs let us do what we truly want, these jobs provide us with the funds to go to college, to move up towards our dream jobs, start our own businesses, travel to where we want to go, etc

I consider paid work to be something that is only for a limited amount of time. no one should work in a job they just use for the money their entire life. the job should be almost a gateway towards something better!

The next is Fun Work

Fun work is work that is targeted towards your goals/ dreams or is enjoyable to do. this work is different for everyone, for me my fun work is writing articles, making youtube videos, working on The BeastPack, and working out. for some people this work is boring, sucky, or just plain horrible. Fun work often is not the most productive work or often costs more money than it makes. Fun work can also lead to the best things in life and is insanely important to have in your life.

The reason I say that it is insanely important that if you put enough time, effort, and work into Fun Work then one day you can live off of the Fun Work. You can take the funds from your Paid Work use them to work towards your fun work whether that be building your own business, studying towards a new career, or something else.

The third aspect of work is Necessary Work

Necessary Work is the work that no matter what needs to be done to be successful in both your Paid and Fun Work. Necessary Work is different for everyone much like Fun Work is. For some people their examples of Fun work are Necessary Work for others while for some the exact opposite

Examples of Necessary Work for me is sleep, Paperwork, and Meal Prep. For many people sleep is considered fun work because they enjoy sleep but for me I wish I had more time in the day and sleep is something that is necessary for me to do well in bodybuilding and in the gym.

So it is important to understand the importance of the Necessary thing and do them constantly as they are necessary for a reason!

The final aspect of work is what I like to call Unproductive Things

Unproductive Things are a way to group everything you do that has no beneficial property to your ultimate goal.

Now, being unproductive is not inherently bad as it is often said, sometimes it is necessary to do something that does not productive towards your goals as it gives your brain and body a rest and a refresher. In a weird sense of things, being unproductive every once and a while helps you be even more productive!

I hope this article makes sense and helps you understand what work means what

-Zack Ramsey

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The power of social media

Social media is one of the worlds greatest inventions, with it the possibilities are endless. It has made becoming an entrepreneur an extremely attainable career, it has made traveling the world a profitable excursion, made spreading ideas to the entire world not only possible but simple.

Becoming an entrepreneur these days is becoming easier and easier as social media expands. A business can be started with just a phone, an internet connection and 5 minutes of your time. Now in all honesty im not going to say every business will succeed or easier to succeed but the fact you can have a business idea and in a few minutes have it in the works.

Traveling the world now can now be profitable. I say this based on the fact that world bloggers is growing career field. If you have any writing skills and own a smart phone then travelling the world can become a profitable thing. Companies pay people to travel and sell them their photography, blogs pay ad revenue to the amount of readers you have, and sites such as youtube and Google+ that pay you based on the amount of people who like your content. So with enough effort you could possibly travel the world and be paid for it!

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to spread, now it can be done as simply as posting it onto a social media site and your idea is instantly spread to hundreds if not thousands of people. In old days you would had to go to every bar, every shopping center, every airport, etc, etc and talk to people and hope people would want to listen to your idea.

Thanks to social media we are able to do things that people before us wouldn’t dream possible!

Feel free to leave your comment below and let me know what you think!

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The World Has No Sympathy For Inaction – Thinking Piece

Something I see soo much both in life and in the fitness industry is when people get 1 or 2 set backs they simply give up. They simply cant take the punches of life and instead of fighting back they simply leave the ring.

Life is going to punch everyone in the face quite a few times and the more you want in life the more you will get punched and it frustrates me to no end how people will settle for less than they want because they are scared to get punched. Failure is a stepping stone towards success not away from it. The road to success is windy going left, right, up and down but all in the direction towards success.

anyways, lets get to the point of this article. Lately, I lost my tumblr (it’s a huge thing that happened that’s why im always talking about it) im down from 34,000 followers on social media to 1,400 followers a 96% drop in followers. So I had a few people who I told this who said I should take some time off to sulk and get over it and for a second I thought I should do that but I came to the concept that the world has no sympathy for inaction.

If I was to take time off I would gain no followers (or even lose some). I would be stagnant or even worse id move back. That doesn’t make sense to me why people would do that, why would you take a break after a setback as that is the optimal time to get back to work. Yes the setbacks hurt but taking time off or quitting doesn’t fix the problem it’s letting the problem destroy you. In football we learned this “you will eventually get knocked down but the faster you get up the more likely you are to make the play because if you just stay down then you have no chance of catching the opportunity while if you pop up you never know when the opportunity will come or how the play will develop”.

Now, when I say the world has no sympathy for inaction is I want you to tell me how many people who produce no content? How many people who are silent? How many people that are invisible? You would follow none because you have no sympathy for inaction because though the person in real life is a great person because they do not produce content you don’t follow them or give a shit about them. You don’t follow @randomguy87 on twitter who hasn’t tweeted in 6 months. You don’t pay someone money for a service that you don’t know about. People need to see action to care, inaction means being invisible and uncared about by an audience. So in conclusion remember when you get hit that you gotta pop back up because the longer you stay down the longer you don’t grow, and the entire time no one has sympathy for you because its your goal and very few others give a shit if it fails or succeeds.

This is simply a thinking piece. When I write these I don’t want to convince you that my stand/ view point is correct I want to cause you to think. Allow my points to make you think, allow my points to make you question yourself, allow my points to have an impact on your daily life. Thank you for reading!

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The BeastPack updates and My thoughts

So if you haven’t heard by now My Tumblr blog was terminated by Tumblr staff for spam and the support has not been responding to my requests on appealing to the termination. So I have basically given up and accepted that I will not be getting my tumblr account back.

I am trying to have a different outlook than others would have in this situation. I imagine most in my situation would be angry, sad, and would want to lash out against tumblr but I want to be different beast in this situation as that’s what I pride myself in. I am not angry, I am not sad, and I will not have any ill wishes towards tumblr, this situation was a mistake that with such a large company has been overlooked and uncorrected.

I believe in the saying that “my goal shall stay firm but my path is always flexible”. I will become big in the fitness industry but my path there will change I thought originally it would be via tumblr but with this loss I must change paths and find a new way to achieve that goal

Being sad, mad, or depressed would only slow me down as in life no one has sympathy for you. It sounds harsh because it is, if you are sad and pout no one is going to want you to personal train them, no one Is going to take your advice they don’t give a shit about your downfalls all they care about is how hard you work and what you can do for them. So when life knocks you down spend any time needed weaping but make it short and get back to work as fast as possible because the more time you spend sulking is less time spent moving forward. The simple quote that sums this all up “it doesn’t matter if you fall down it only matters that you get up and keep going”

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We Are All Constantly Perfect

I had this talk with a friend a few nights ago about perfection. She told me she was a mess and not good at all and I said to her she was “perfect” and she immediately responded with “no one can be perfect” which made me think of something I read long ago that said “if no one is something couldn’t we all be that thing, unless someone has achieved and defined something then there it does not exist but in each one of our minds with a differed definition.”.

If I asked Hollywood to describe perfection they would have a completely different idea than I would and if I asked you what perfection meant you would have a completely different definition of it as well. So that’s where I begin my point in we are all “perfect”.

I was asked by a psychologist a few months back “why do I want to grow soo much?” and I answered simply “because I want to be great and perfect” and she looked at me with care in her eyes and said “zack you are already great” and I didn’t disagree at all. I am great but I want to be greater as I hope and think all humans should think and this is where this idea and thinking stemmed from originally.

My definition of perfection is all based around constant growth. My definition of growth is constantly growing and expanding. I am my definition of perfection my mind, body, and spirit but every day I expect more from myself in all those categories. My definition of perfection grows. From when I started this at 12: 30pm to now at 12:50pm I have always been perfect but my definition of perfection has grown. In 10 years my definition will be completely different, hell in 10 minutes my definition will have changed with some aspect from what I see, Learn, feel, hear, taste, or simply experience as that is constant growth.

Now, people may be offended or think negatively and say “so you think you are always perfect” and that is where our definitions differ. I am always perfect but my definition always changes. For example maybe today I define my lack of ability to articulate my thoughts through my mouth as perfect but I hope one day that my definition changes so that I may consider my ability to speak beautifully and clearly as perfect. Basically what I’m saying is though you consider a trait perfect does not mean it can’t be improved. Perfection is much like numbers and are infinite, we will never reach the end of numbers because as the universe expands so do numbers infinitely until the end of time much like perfection. At once we thought a horse pulling a carriage was perfect transportation now we fly over oceans and travel in supersonic trains and one day we may teleport from continent to continent in mere seconds and every day till then we will find new perfect means of travel.  When you stop growing and decide this form of yourself is perfect is when you become truly pompous, naïve, and destructive to others.

Now about others, never hold another to your definition of perfection. I want to say soo badly to consider everyone perfect and along my article this makes sense but there are some people who we dislike or make our lives harder. My main piece of advice to follow along this topic of others is to treat everyone good and evil as if they are perfect because they are even if they do not match or even hurt your definition of perfect. If we all follow that rule we could live in such a perfect society so please even the others around you don’t do it to help society as a whole.

In conclusion, always consider yourself Perfect! This is the ultimate definition of self-love and care but never stop growing your definition of perfection. Every second become almost in a sense “more perfect”, grow you perfection based on everything you experience!

Good Luck!

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The Past Is The Best Teacher

I wanted to talk on a topic that I made a post about earlier today where I spoke on thinking about my past and I wanted to expand on it.

Friday for me is always leg day and since it is the end of the school week and to me legs is one of my most important days (all my training sessions are important but it’s the legendary feeling of legs). So with the extra time I have since its Friday I take my time. Usually I rush right from school to the gym, drinking my pre workout on the walk and getting right to it with no real break but on Fridays I walk to the gym, make my pre workout sit in a massage chair for like half an hour and sip my pre workout then take my time warming up, stretching and foam rolling. And what I do while im taking this time is I like to reflect of my decisions for the week (whether it be life, business, training, etc) but this week was really slow due to back to back snow days so I began thinking about life decisions.

why did I have relationships that have failed? (romantic, personal, business or even just friendly)

what did I contribute to those failed relationships?

how could I have changed to saved or possibly made the best out of that relationship?

was I too quick of judgement or too slow?

All of these questions came to mind about the past and soo many thoughts of what I did wrong, things I could have done better, things I could have improved but yet no regret. Many times you will have seen me post about not worrying about the past because you can’t change it but today I kind of realized in the same hand you must also learn from the past.

The past is our biggest teacher but it is also where we lie to ourselves the most. Many times we look to the past and remember things differently. Much like how in war the winning country decides how the history is told and who is the good guy so is your mind. When you remember something you are nearly always in the right in your mind you are almost never the bad guy or the problem maker. To truly learn and grow you need to get rid of the idea that you always did the best decision or that others were wrong. Get rid of the idea that your boss was mean or that your ex was a bitch or a dick, or that your parents were stupid because at some point or another your treasured these relationships and had respect or love for these people so yes it is possible that they changed but often a problem isn’t cause by only 1 person so take some responsibility and see what you could have truly done to improve the ending.

I see it as I chose to end a lot of relationships or I caused problems which I blamed on others.

Examples would be I would blame teachers that they weren’t teaching me when really I wouldn’t do their assigned homework or study for tests and I would take teachers that respect me and I would create problems until they disliked me as a student. Also I would have girlfriends who were great girls but they would go through hard times and I would get self-conscious and think they didn’t care about me and I would create problems and then blame them when they would get mad or frustrated with me.

So next time you are training or just spending some time thinking reflect on your life and your decisions and how you affected those relationships or what other decisions you could have made. Sometimes it isn’t all about lifting heavy weights and eating healthy foods sometimes you have to focus on your mind because to truly become a Beast (the strongest version of yourself) you must focus on all aspects not just the body but the mind as well!