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The 4 Aspects of Work

If you arent a big reader then here is a video on this exact topic

There are 4 mains categories you can place everything you do into

Fun Work

Paid Work

Necessary Work

and Unproductive Things

anything you do at any second in 24 hours of a day can be put into one of these 4 categories so let me describe what each mean and how you can truly understand the concept

The first category of work in my mind is Paid Work

We have all had a job which we have done solely for the money. these jobs are important as these jobs let us do what we truly want, these jobs provide us with the funds to go to college, to move up towards our dream jobs, start our own businesses, travel to where we want to go, etc

I consider paid work to be something that is only for a limited amount of time. no one should work in a job they just use for the money their entire life. the job should be almost a gateway towards something better!

The next is Fun Work

Fun work is work that is targeted towards your goals/ dreams or is enjoyable to do. this work is different for everyone, for me my fun work is writing articles, making youtube videos, working on The BeastPack, and working out. for some people this work is boring, sucky, or just plain horrible. Fun work often is not the most productive work or often costs more money than it makes. Fun work can also lead to the best things in life and is insanely important to have in your life.

The reason I say that it is insanely important that if you put enough time, effort, and work into Fun Work then one day you can live off of the Fun Work. You can take the funds from your Paid Work use them to work towards your fun work whether that be building your own business, studying towards a new career, or something else.

The third aspect of work is Necessary Work

Necessary Work is the work that no matter what needs to be done to be successful in both your Paid and Fun Work. Necessary Work is different for everyone much like Fun Work is. For some people their examples of Fun work are Necessary Work for others while for some the exact opposite

Examples of Necessary Work for me is sleep, Paperwork, and Meal Prep. For many people sleep is considered fun work because they enjoy sleep but for me I wish I had more time in the day and sleep is something that is necessary for me to do well in bodybuilding and in the gym.

So it is important to understand the importance of the Necessary thing and do them constantly as they are necessary for a reason!

The final aspect of work is what I like to call Unproductive Things

Unproductive Things are a way to group everything you do that has no beneficial property to your ultimate goal.

Now, being unproductive is not inherently bad as it is often said, sometimes it is necessary to do something that does not productive towards your goals as it gives your brain and body a rest and a refresher. In a weird sense of things, being unproductive every once and a while helps you be even more productive!

I hope this article makes sense and helps you understand what work means what

-Zack Ramsey

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Quotes That drive my life

If you would rather watch than read check it out here:

As a guy who has spent the last year dedicated to making, editing, and posting advice, quotes, and motivation my life is driven by a handful of carefully selected quotes and sayings which when dissected really do explain my character and my beliefs so I wanted to dissect a few of these quotes I live by to both give you a look into my life and to maybe give these quotes a different light that might make you consider taking some of these quotes or sayings into your life.

  1. “My only fear is that on my death bed the person I am will meet the person I could have been”

This is a simple quote, I have a very big fear of death as death means the end of progress for me and also my fear of not reaching my full potential. So this quote hits me personally very hard as regret is also another thing in my life that is a reoccurring pattern where I have had a goal, not worked hard enough, and realized I failed too hard so death being the ultimate end is the only time to never have regret! This quote also goes along with the quote “imagine you’re on your death bed and standing around your death bed are the ghosts representing your unfulfilled potential. The ghosts of the ideas you never acted on. The ghosts of the talents you didn’t use and they are standing around your bed angry, disappointed, and upset. They say we came to you because you could have brought us to life and now we have to go to the grave together”

So I have 2 questions I want you to ask yourself mentally and truly spend time thinking about.

Will the person you become match up to the person you could have become and can you work hard enough to know that you did everything you could when you realized this?

And, how many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?

  1. The only limits that exist are in your own mind

This quote is very true for me as every time I have set my mind to something seen as impossible with the mindset of it is completely possible I have always achieved it and every time I have set limits upon myself I have failed horribly. An example with this was with my football years, I decided in grade 10 I would be a starting lineman in grade 11 even though I was 50lbs lighter than the smallest current lineman and far weaker and through the summer I worked harder than anyone else on that line and grew enough to take a near immediate starting position that following season because I put no limits on myself and said it was a do or die situation and there were no limits to it. Now an example of me putting limits for myself is when I first started bodybuilding. I told myself that if I wouldn’t grow because I was too stressed with school and for 2 months I didn’t grow at all and after I snapped out of that progress came immediately!

The question I want you to ask yourself on this quote is

What limits do you put upon yourself in your own mind?

  1. Instead of “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority” and see how that feels.

This is something I started saying 5 or so months ago as I realized I was getting soo busy that I was always saying “I don’t have time” so after listening to a motivational ebook (how to persuade others) I wanted to try and change it and after a few weeks of saying this to people I changed my entire schedule to things I was proud to do. When people asked me to do time wasting things I would say “im sorry I gotta do such and such work and they would ask why I wouldn’t do what they were doing and I said because I didn’t prioritize it or if I was to stop doing something and people would ask why instead of no time I would say I didn’t prioritize it and people gave me a lot more respect for this. I did have some backlash for it as people get offended when they are not your #1 priority but I don’t want these people in my life to begin with.

The questions for you is more of an action. Try and do this for a week and see how your planning and people change.

  1. I never lose. I either win or I learn

This quote is very important to me as it has kept me driven through tough times and failures. If you consider every loss a learning experience instantly you are able to see everything in a new light which opens to new opportunities and ways to not only accept a loss but use it to your advantage!

The question for you is what is a recent loss you have had that you can learn from. In this do not blame anyone for anything (even if it was 100% them) everything that happened think about what you did to cause it in some way.

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The power of social media

Social media is one of the worlds greatest inventions, with it the possibilities are endless. It has made becoming an entrepreneur an extremely attainable career, it has made traveling the world a profitable excursion, made spreading ideas to the entire world not only possible but simple.

Becoming an entrepreneur these days is becoming easier and easier as social media expands. A business can be started with just a phone, an internet connection and 5 minutes of your time. Now in all honesty im not going to say every business will succeed or easier to succeed but the fact you can have a business idea and in a few minutes have it in the works.

Traveling the world now can now be profitable. I say this based on the fact that world bloggers is growing career field. If you have any writing skills and own a smart phone then travelling the world can become a profitable thing. Companies pay people to travel and sell them their photography, blogs pay ad revenue to the amount of readers you have, and sites such as youtube and Google+ that pay you based on the amount of people who like your content. So with enough effort you could possibly travel the world and be paid for it!

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to spread, now it can be done as simply as posting it onto a social media site and your idea is instantly spread to hundreds if not thousands of people. In old days you would had to go to every bar, every shopping center, every airport, etc, etc and talk to people and hope people would want to listen to your idea.

Thanks to social media we are able to do things that people before us wouldn’t dream possible!

Feel free to leave your comment below and let me know what you think!

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The World Has No Sympathy For Inaction – Thinking Piece

Something I see soo much both in life and in the fitness industry is when people get 1 or 2 set backs they simply give up. They simply cant take the punches of life and instead of fighting back they simply leave the ring.

Life is going to punch everyone in the face quite a few times and the more you want in life the more you will get punched and it frustrates me to no end how people will settle for less than they want because they are scared to get punched. Failure is a stepping stone towards success not away from it. The road to success is windy going left, right, up and down but all in the direction towards success.

anyways, lets get to the point of this article. Lately, I lost my tumblr (it’s a huge thing that happened that’s why im always talking about it) im down from 34,000 followers on social media to 1,400 followers a 96% drop in followers. So I had a few people who I told this who said I should take some time off to sulk and get over it and for a second I thought I should do that but I came to the concept that the world has no sympathy for inaction.

If I was to take time off I would gain no followers (or even lose some). I would be stagnant or even worse id move back. That doesn’t make sense to me why people would do that, why would you take a break after a setback as that is the optimal time to get back to work. Yes the setbacks hurt but taking time off or quitting doesn’t fix the problem it’s letting the problem destroy you. In football we learned this “you will eventually get knocked down but the faster you get up the more likely you are to make the play because if you just stay down then you have no chance of catching the opportunity while if you pop up you never know when the opportunity will come or how the play will develop”.

Now, when I say the world has no sympathy for inaction is I want you to tell me how many people who produce no content? How many people who are silent? How many people that are invisible? You would follow none because you have no sympathy for inaction because though the person in real life is a great person because they do not produce content you don’t follow them or give a shit about them. You don’t follow @randomguy87 on twitter who hasn’t tweeted in 6 months. You don’t pay someone money for a service that you don’t know about. People need to see action to care, inaction means being invisible and uncared about by an audience. So in conclusion remember when you get hit that you gotta pop back up because the longer you stay down the longer you don’t grow, and the entire time no one has sympathy for you because its your goal and very few others give a shit if it fails or succeeds.

This is simply a thinking piece. When I write these I don’t want to convince you that my stand/ view point is correct I want to cause you to think. Allow my points to make you think, allow my points to make you question yourself, allow my points to have an impact on your daily life. Thank you for reading!

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The BeastPack updates and My thoughts

So if you haven’t heard by now My Tumblr blog was terminated by Tumblr staff for spam and the support has not been responding to my requests on appealing to the termination. So I have basically given up and accepted that I will not be getting my tumblr account back.

I am trying to have a different outlook than others would have in this situation. I imagine most in my situation would be angry, sad, and would want to lash out against tumblr but I want to be different beast in this situation as that’s what I pride myself in. I am not angry, I am not sad, and I will not have any ill wishes towards tumblr, this situation was a mistake that with such a large company has been overlooked and uncorrected.

I believe in the saying that “my goal shall stay firm but my path is always flexible”. I will become big in the fitness industry but my path there will change I thought originally it would be via tumblr but with this loss I must change paths and find a new way to achieve that goal

Being sad, mad, or depressed would only slow me down as in life no one has sympathy for you. It sounds harsh because it is, if you are sad and pout no one is going to want you to personal train them, no one Is going to take your advice they don’t give a shit about your downfalls all they care about is how hard you work and what you can do for them. So when life knocks you down spend any time needed weaping but make it short and get back to work as fast as possible because the more time you spend sulking is less time spent moving forward. The simple quote that sums this all up “it doesn’t matter if you fall down it only matters that you get up and keep going”

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Sources of Great Protein

As a Personal Trainer I always give large lists of food options to my clients who request free meals but I decided an easier option would be to create a large list here that I can send to my clients and can be assessed by Anyone interested!

Great Sources of Protein

2% Milk2% milk

Macro nutrients in 1 cup of 2% Milk

Calories: 122

Protein: 8.05 Grams

Carbohydrates: 11.42 Grams

Fat: 4.81 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 1 cup whole almonds

Calories: 827

Protein: 30.4 Grams

Carbohydrates: 28.23 Grams

Fat: 72.42 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 1 can (2 oz) Anchovies

Calories: 94

Protein: 13 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 4.37 Grams

Chicken Breast

boneless skinless chicken breast

Macro Nutrients in 1 cup Diced Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Calories: 148

Protein: 31.17 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 1.67 Grams

Corned Beef

corned beefMacro Nutrients of 1 Cup Diced Corned Beef

Calories: 336

Protein: 24.35 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0.36 Grams

Fat: 25.43 Grams

Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup (Small Curd) Cottage Cheese

Calories: 232

Protein: 28.1 Grams

Carbohydrates: 6.03 Grams

Fat: 10.15 Grams

Dried Lentils

dried lentils

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Dried Lentils

Calories: 621

Protein: 48.44 Grams

Carbohydrates: 108.05 Grams

Fat: 2.05 Grams

Edamame (Soy Beans)


Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Cooked Edamame (Soy Beans)

Calories: 310

Protein: 29.77 Grams

Carbohydrates: 17.77 Grams

Fat: 16.06 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 1 Large Egg

Calories: 74

Protein: 6.29 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0.38 Grams

Fat: 4.97 Grams

Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup 0% Greek Yogurt

Calories: 130

Protein: 23 Grams

Carbohydrates: 9 Grams

Fat: 0 Grams

Green Peas

green peas

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Green Peas

Calories: 117

Protein: 7.86 Grams

Carbohydrates: 20.97 Grams

Fat: 0.58 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 1 Fillet Halibut

Calories: 448

Protein: 84.90 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 9.34 Grams

Light Tuna

light tuna

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Light Tuna

Calories: 179

Protein: 39.29 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 1.26 Grams

Lean Ground Beef

low fat ground beef

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Lean Ground Beef

Calories: 339

protein: 31.18 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 22.85 Grams

Mixed Nuts

mixed nuts

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Mixed Nuts

Calories: 876

Protein: 23.44 Grams

Carbohydrates: 30.64 Grams

Fat: 79.95 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 100 Grams of Octopus

Calories: 82

Protein: 14.91 Grams

Carbohydrates: 2.20 Grams

Fat: 1.04 Grams

Peanut Butter

Macro Nutrients in 100 Grams of Peanut Butter

Calories: 558

 Protein: 25 Grams

Carbohydrates: 20 Grams

Fat: 50 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Peanuts

Calories: 854

Protein: 34.57 Grams

Carbohydrates: 31.40 Grams

Fat: 72.50 Grams

Pork Chops

pork chops

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Diced Pork Chops

Calories: 335

Protein: 37.40 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 19.52 Grams


Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Quinoa

Calories: 229

Protein: 8.01 Grams

Carbohydrates: 42.17 Grams

Fat: 3.55 Grams

Soba Noodles

soba noodles

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup of Soba Noodles

Calories: 113

Protein: 5.77 Grams

Carbohydrates: 24.44 Grams

Fat: 0.11 Grams

Sockeye Salmon

sockeye salmon

Macro Nutrients in 1/2 Filet of Sockeye Salmon

Calories: 333

Protein: 42.17 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 16.95 Grams


Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Diced Steak

Calories: 338

Protein: 36.57 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 20.11 Grams

Swiss Cheese

swiss cheese

Macro Nutrients in 1 Cup Diced Swiss Cheese

Calories: 502

Protein: 35.55 Grams

Carbohydrates: 7.10 Grams

Fat: 36.70 Grams



Macro Nutrients in 100 Grams of Tilapia

Calories: 96

Protein: 20.08 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 1.70 Grams


Macro Nutrients in 100 Grams Tofu

Calories: 62

Protein: 6.9 Grams

Carbohydrates: 2.4 Grams

Fat: 2.7 Grams

Turkey Breast

turkey breast

Macro Nutrients in 100 Grams of Turkey Breast

Calories: 104

Protein: 17.07 Grams

Carbohydrates: 4.21 Grams

Fat: 1.66 Grams



Macro Nutrients of 1 Cup Shelled Walnuts

Calories: 654

Protein: 15.23 Grams

Carbohydrates: 13.71 Grams

Fat: 65.21 Grams

Yellow Fin Tuna

yellow fin tuna

Macro Nutrients in 100 Grams of Yellow Fin Tuna

Calories: 108

Protein: 23.38 Grams

Carbohydrates: 0 Grams

Fat: 0.95 Grams


There are many Sources of Clean Real Protein so there is never a reason to miss out on your daily protein.

Another quick protein Source is Whey Protein powder but each brand has its own macro nutrients so there is no way to accurately list it here

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Musical Personality

Music is such a big part of my life

Music has been such a big part of my life since I was young and recently I have found a song that sticks very true to me. I listened to it on repeat for hours as it hits deeply with me. Now first I want to explain my background on music and then come back to this particular song

Firstly when I started listening to my own music I started with 3 cds and a disk player. I had an old ACDC track list, The shady LP, and 50 cents get rich or die tryin album. So for a 9 year old with these 3 CDs (the Eminem and 50 cds were bought from friends and my parents didn’t know I had them).

Now iv always been into my violent music. I grew up in a neighbourhood where drugs and violence was common. At my elementary school I seen nearly every drug, knives, and even a gun so iv always been very into rap as it was the popular music at my school also because of the fact raps often would describe the similar struggle I would go through so even though I didn’t realize at the time I related very closely with these songs.

As I got older I began to understand why I liked these songs, not because I wanted to sell drugs or be a gangbanger, its because the struggle and the hustle related to me. I had and still have to hustle and grind every day as I hope to get big things. Much like these rappers I came from a shitty background and people looked down on me and told me id be nothing but I know if I work hard enough I will be able to be rich and powerful much like the rappers I admired.

Anyways, the song I referenced is G Eazy’s new song “Me, Myself, and I”. This song speaks a lot to me as it is insanely close to how my daily life is currently.

The beginning lyric “its just me myself and I, solo ride until I die, cause I got me for life. I don’t need a hand to hold, even when the night is cold. I got that fire in my soul” that first verse encompasses soo much about me.

Since I started The BeastPack iv had doubters that are close to me, supportive to my face but full of doubts and ill will behind my back. So this journey the last year has been all by myself, I haven’t had anyone to help me. Yes iv had great supporters but no one has come and done anything for me. Iv learned how to set up a website, order apparel, make money, do all my own research into personal training, and survive all on my own.

Now if we go into G Eazy’s first verse he says “get what I want when I want cause this hunger is driving me, ya”. I love this line as this is exactly what I want my life to be. To be able to get what I want when I want how I want. I don’t like bosses, I don’t like authority I want enough money and power that I can do what needs to be done with no questions asked, no one telling me no except myself. Now I could talk about this entire verse but im gunna move on and say the entire end of the first verse relates to me and if you listen it will be very obvious why.

Now in his second verse I don’t agree with the “I don’t like talking to strangers” as I love to but the next bit “so get the fuck off me im anxious” I agree as I definitely have pressures to succeed and that causes me a fuck ton of anxiety and so often I want to just say get the fuck off me im anxious and need a break.

Anways to the rest of the verse he says “im trying to be cool but I may just got ape shit and say fuck yall to all of yall faces” this is something insanely dear to me. As soo many people I would love to just say fuck you but many people support my living in some manner (maybe a boss, a co-worker, or someone that has influence that could make my life harder than need be) and I gotta stay cool or I could burn these bridges I need to keep alive but shit its hard and somedays its like you don’t know me, the shit I go through, all you know is the version of myself I ALLOW YOU TO SEE. You don’t know what I do behind the scenes and you probably never will as you don’t care.

Now into the last verse. We see how my thought patterns go in life. I always start positive, im a positive guy and I know I will succeed but sometimes with stress comes frustration that things maybe aren’t moving as fast as you want or as smoothly and that’s the 2nd verse but in the 3rd we come back to what matters and that’s the positivity. I like to say there is no shame in having anger at people though you will see me preach to let things go you must experience a little bit of anger to truly feel the release so I believe anger and a need for proving or revenge is needed but it needs to be short and cut off that’s why in the third verse we go to the line “all my life iv been told to wait but im a get it now yeah its no debate” coming full circle. As iv dropped the anger or frustration with the failures and gone back to my true faith and knowledge that I will make my dreams come true.

So with this song you get to learn more about me. I believe in positivity as from experience iv learned even blind stupid positivity will do vastly better than calculating negativity but that negativity is needed to make the positivity to work. If I want to make an analogy it could be say having every day be a sunny day except make 1 day a week a rainy day. Now those sunny days seem even better because without that rainy day they would just be average and not special. This also makes the rainy days special, because though negative it does have positives followed along.

So though this only may make sense to myself but I hope this might provide some thinking context for you. Maybe take my ways of thinking and apply them to your own life because who knows maybe a different context of thinking is just what you need to get over that next mountain. None the less thank you for reading and take care!

  • Zack Ramsey
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The Story of Baby Olympia

The Birth

A long time ago in there was a man named Joe Weider and his barbell. The barbell had never been lifted and one of the most purest barbells of the time, pure iron without even a mark of rust. One day the barbell started to warp oddly even with not a single 45lbs plate being added to it. So Joe tried to find a place to get his barbell fixed but it was Christmas eve and all the metal working shops were full. It was a long cold night but luckily Joe found an abandoned gym. That night, the bar continued warping and finally snapped! And between the 2 broken pieces of iron sat a child. Joe looked at the child though confused with love and care. He named the child Olympia and thus Baby Olympia was born!

swole baby

The Three Swolely Men

Joe and Baby Olympia sat in the gym, Joe still shocked from what just took place was suddenly rattled by 3 stiff knocks on the gyms steel door! *KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!* Joe went to the door and 3 swolely men entered the gym with gifts. First was Swolely man Schwarzenegger who gave Baby Olympia the gift of protein powder. The second was swolely man Coleman who gave baby Olympia the gift of creatine. Finally, was swolely man Cutler who gave Baby Olympia the gift of essential BCAAs.
The 3 swolely men lifted weights all night long around Baby Olympia. Teaching him proper squat form, how to deadlift, and bench. They taught him how to cook his chicken and rice so it had just hints of flavour. When morning arose the 3 swolely men left as quickly as they came because 8 hours of sleep is best for muscle growth
As Baby Olympia got older and older he slowly grew a large following. At first he was hated and called a fake profit but one by one people joined and got massive gainz! He taught many lessons and gave many hope along their road to become swole! He had a cult like following that would go gym to gym with him all around the world lifting heavier and heavier every time! They trained legs, they trained arms, they trained chest, they even trained the rest muscles on rest days! They prepped every meal, Slept all they could, planned every step of the way.

The Change

As Olympia traveled from gym to gym he began to realize things were changing. People were no longer following The Swolely Bible or the 10 Swolely Commandments! There were less squat racks, less Benches, less dumbbells, and the people were getting less swole!
One day, Olympia entered the gym alone as his following had to finishing preparing their meals. When Olympia walked in he knew this was going to be a gym session like no other.There were rings hanging from the ceiling, pull up bars along the wall where squat racks normally were, a small selection of dumbbells, very colourful plates, and along one entire wall was the phrase “Cross Fit”. Olympia had seen these before, they were buying up gyms left and right preaching The Crossfit Bible. Nearly every gym was becoming a cross fit gym. Olympia began his workout anyway as normal by warming up, nothing out of the ordinary or so it seemed because everyone stared at Olympia though not uncommon in public but very uncommon in the gym.

The Death of Olympia

As he walked to the squat rack he realized timers everywhere, again not an uncommon thing to time your rest periods but it was to an extreme. As Olympia entered the first squat rack a person ran over and yelled “thats mine im just supersetting”. Olympia understood and went to the next squat rack but the same thing happened when he got to the next 3 squat racks! He luckily was not approached when he entered the last one. Olympia began squatting getting heavier and heavier until a patron of the gym walked up to him and said he had to leave as :”his kind” werent accepted here as the followed The Crossfit Bible and did not believe any part of The Swolely Bible. Olympia made a deal with them he said if he could PR anyone could lift anywhere. The cross fitters agreed because they knew Olympia’s squat PR was higher than any known man’s and would never be able to to hit it.
Olympia prepared himself slowly inching plate by plate up to his PR. The cross fitters still very confident he will fail. When the final 45lb plate was slapped on there was stress in the room, Olympia had struggled the rep before and this would be his biggest challenge. Olympia knew if he ailed this rep the cross fitters would take over and people wouldn’t be able to train however they wanted, no one would be swole, and the lifting world as we know it would have been a lot of kipping and reebok sneakers.
Olympia grabbed the bar, retracted his shoulder blades, and bent underneath the bar. He squeezed the bar till his knuckles turns white, he stood tall with the bar digging deep into his traps. Tis was the biggest lift of the entire lifting universe. Olympia went down and slowly inched upward quickly getting stuck under the weight. It looked as if time paused. Olympia looked frozen still 2 inches from the top. His face beet red, sweat pouring into the floor, and a lion like rior echoing throughout the gym. Olympia never once questioned the fact he could do it and after what felt like a decade of a stop Olympia began moving slowly up again. The cross fitters began to cry and the lifters began to cheer. Olympia only an inch away frim the top felt he had nearly accomplished the impossible until
A cross fitter jumped onto Olympia’s back screaming that he would never complete this PR but at that moment Olympia’s pre workout kicked it and with titan like strength shot up, locked his knees throwing the cross fitter high into the rings leaving him tangled 8 feet in the air. Olympia stood tall looking onto his cheering followers. I did it for your gainz! He then walked ti the group of sobbing cross fitters and told them. Though your way of fitness Is not mine you deserve to lift how you wish, do nit give up but never try to conquer the lifting world again.
That night all lifters of all backgrounds cane together to lift. Calisthenics, power lifters, cross fitters, bodybuilders, cardio kids, etc. But throughout the party Olympia was never seen, The legend goes that after Olympia left that gym he was soo tired, went home, fell asleep and went catabolic! And was never seen again.

So every year on December 25th we celebrate LiftMas in memory and celebration of Olympia’s birth

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Corey Gregory’s Squat Every Day

Today I will be discussing Squat Every Day made by Corey Gregory. This is specifically Corey Gregory’s because since he has the most complete idea of what he is talking about while others are either not defined enough or are simply stealing Corey’s method and just changing the basic programing order. Since I have never tried this program I am solely writing based on what the program is and in no way claiming it is either good or bad (I will include the opinions of others)

What is Squat Every Day

The Squat Every Day program is exactly what it sounds like it is a program which you squat EVERY SINGLE DAY (I know I didn’t see that coming!).  By Corey Gregory’s words this is a program that will “add strength, muscle mass, and will challenge you in every way”.

Squat Split

The split is based around squatting so it begins with squat for about 20 – 30 minutes and then do your regular programing after that. The key was to bring a high intensity exercise right off the bat to really shock the body. so here is the split

Monday: Squat and Chest

Tuesday: Squat and Pull

Wednesday: Squat and Shoulders

Thursday: Squat and Arms

Friday: Squat and Chest and Back

Saturday: Squat

Sunday: Squat

Some controversy given to the program is that it may take too long and you will be in the gym for 3 – 4 hours but squatting daily should take you about 30 minutes. The rest of the workout should take you 30-45 minutes. So, you’re looking at 60-75 minutes in the gym on a daily basis, which is probably similar to what you spend there now.

How The Program Works

The program isn’t just about doing squats every day the point is to move some seriously heavy weight, in fact Corey wants you to be hitting a 1 rep max every single day (1 – 3 rep max). the entire point is to work up to a heavy max much like the Bulgarian method (my article on the Bulgarian method here: ) so if you didn’t read my Bulgarian method article there is a way to work up to your 1 rep max

Find your 1 rep max for your squat at the beginning of the program (or you can simply guess it). we can work up to it at like this. (taken directly from Corey’s article so not to misinterpret)


Bar: 10 reps

95 pounds: 10 reps

135 pounds: 5 reps

185 pounds: 5reps

225 pounds: 3 reps

275 pounds: 3 reps

315 pounds: 1-3 reps

365 pounds: 1-3 reps (if you can)

Continue to increase weight and take singles. Work up to a one-rep max.

Recommended Equipment

Weight Lifting Shoes

weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel and a hard sole. A raised heel can be helpful because most people lack the ankle mobility to squat deep without their heels coming off the ground. Hard soles are even more important, though, because it’s almost impossible to squat well if your feet are squishing into a soft surface

Flat Soled Shoes

flat soled shoes

One of the variations you’ll do in the program is a powerlifting-style squat. To do this type of squat well, perform them in shoes that have hard, flat soles. You don’t necessarily need to go buy shoes with a flat sole, but make sure you’re not squatting in shoes that have thick, high, or soft soles. The closer your feet are to solid ground, the better. Flat soled shoes also will help with ankle mobility in the fact that it will make these shoes won’t support you at all be careful if you are wearing these to not let your ankle rise.

Weight Lifting Belt

weightlifting belt

A weight belt is one of the most important things in your gym bag, especially if you want to be the proud owner of a big-ass squat. I suggest getting a thick, leather belt that will hold up for a lot of uses. They are great for squats and deadlifts because they both protect your lower back and make it easier for your core to support the weight. Try not to use the belt for every lift so that you can strengthen your core and lower back.

Knee Wraps and Knee Sleeves

knee wraps and sleeves

Knee sleeves are designed to help protect the knee joints. They also have the benefit of keeping your knees warm and giving you a bit of bounce out of the hole.

Over Training

Many people think that squatting every day will cause them to be overtraining but overtraining is a chronic condition that’s the result of exercising far beyond your recovery capacity for a long period of time. Which by achieving 1 heavy squat idea will in no way peak you to the point you cant recover unless you are not eating or sleeping properly.


  • Close Stance Deep Squat
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Belt
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Pause
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Pause and Belt
  • Front Squat
  • Front Squat with Pause
  • Front Squat with Belt
  • Front To Back Squat with Belt
  • Wide Stance Squat
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Belt and Knee Wraps
  • Back or Front Squat with Belt and Long Pause

Now Go and Explore and Learn, Grow and SQUAT!!!

Get the program and read all about it here:

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Road To The Start – Beginning!

First of all before I start getting into all of this I want to thank you for reading on The BeastPack! I am the admin or webmaster (someone called me that in the comments and it entertained me a lot) and if you’d like to know my backstory ill post it here (add back story article)

Anyways so here is me currently (November 2015)

back ver 2front ver 2

As you can see i’m alright. I definitely lift but I aint no Arnold (yet). When you read my backstory (which you should do) you will know I want to be a bodybuilder at the age of 18 I am still behind because I have only been training for bodybuilding for 9 months (I trained for football for 3.5 years) but I plan to compete in a 2016 physique competition! that is why this series is called “Road To The Start” because I believe I can’t truly call myself a bodybuilder until i compete! so this is The Road to The Start of my Career!

These are going to be my weekly articles on how I am progressing. I want to make them very interactive where you can learn some valuable bodybuilding information and make it so we can discuss how I am programming, what I am doing exercise wise, and what we can do to improve it!

The plan as of now is to bulk till march while I am still working with my coach (I paid a coach for 1 year and march will be our last month together) and then when I start coaching myself begin carb cycling and get down to a low body fat and compete in my first show in august of 2016.

The last 9 months has been a large mix of ups and downs there were times when I was eating perfectly and training perfectly and there were times when I was soo depressed that I missed workouts and my diet was shit.

The last 2 months diet has been good and workouts have been great. With school it is very hard to stay on diet and exercise because of how busy I am. I go to school 6 hours a day, homework 2 hours a day, work 8 hours a week and owning The BeastPack which takes a majority of my time because I try to constantly write articles, always have posts queued for my Facebook, tumblr, and Instagram, working on personal training programs, researching more on personal training and trying to sell personal training and clothing. So often I get busy and miss a meal or not be able to get to the gym but I hope with these articles I can work on planning my days out.

So now let’s get into what these articles are going to look like by looking back at this weeks training sessions and diet.

This week has been one of my busiest weeks. I have 3 major projects due on the Monday so it has been a week of working a few hours every night just on school work. This extra amount of work has made meals hard to keep on track. I tend to do work in large chunks so often I miss meals because I am working and then all of a sudden realize it Is 10pm and I’ve only had 4/6 meals and I have to be up at 6am so now I gotta somehow cook and eat 2 meals in an hour so I can at least get 7 hours sleep. I’ve now made notifications on my phone so it yells at me so I can’t lose track of time but we will see if that works.

Workouts this week though have been insane. I started a workout diary which after march I will be posting (I am under contract that with my current coach I can’t share my program) so I will be keeping that private until we start making my program in march!

Workouts are going great though I am constantly getting stronger especially in my shoulders. My chest has been having great workouts I’m starting to get that ass chested look (when your chest starts to look like a booty when you go into your most muscular pose just like this)

most muscular

Anyways this has been the first of my Weekly Progress Articles. In all honesty I don’t know what this will become or what the format of these will be this is an off the cuff idea to produce more content. I also will be making more content based around the science of nutrition, and fitness so don’t worry it won’t all be personal.

Thank you again for reading this please leave your ideas for these weekly articles let me know what you want for these and I will try to make it so!