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Corey Gregory’s Squat Every Day

Today I will be discussing Squat Every Day made by Corey Gregory. This is specifically Corey Gregory’s because since he has the most complete idea of what he is talking about while others are either not defined enough or are simply stealing Corey’s method and just changing the basic programing order. Since I have never tried this program I am solely writing based on what the program is and in no way claiming it is either good or bad (I will include the opinions of others)

What is Squat Every Day

The Squat Every Day program is exactly what it sounds like it is a program which you squat EVERY SINGLE DAY (I know I didn’t see that coming!).  By Corey Gregory’s words this is a program that will “add strength, muscle mass, and will challenge you in every way”.

Squat Split

The split is based around squatting so it begins with squat for about 20 – 30 minutes and then do your regular programing after that. The key was to bring a high intensity exercise right off the bat to really shock the body. so here is the split

Monday: Squat and Chest

Tuesday: Squat and Pull

Wednesday: Squat and Shoulders

Thursday: Squat and Arms

Friday: Squat and Chest and Back

Saturday: Squat

Sunday: Squat

Some controversy given to the program is that it may take too long and you will be in the gym for 3 – 4 hours but squatting daily should take you about 30 minutes. The rest of the workout should take you 30-45 minutes. So, you’re looking at 60-75 minutes in the gym on a daily basis, which is probably similar to what you spend there now.

How The Program Works

The program isn’t just about doing squats every day the point is to move some seriously heavy weight, in fact Corey wants you to be hitting a 1 rep max every single day (1 – 3 rep max). the entire point is to work up to a heavy max much like the Bulgarian method (my article on the Bulgarian method here: ) so if you didn’t read my Bulgarian method article there is a way to work up to your 1 rep max

Find your 1 rep max for your squat at the beginning of the program (or you can simply guess it). we can work up to it at like this. (taken directly from Corey’s article so not to misinterpret)


Bar: 10 reps

95 pounds: 10 reps

135 pounds: 5 reps

185 pounds: 5reps

225 pounds: 3 reps

275 pounds: 3 reps

315 pounds: 1-3 reps

365 pounds: 1-3 reps (if you can)

Continue to increase weight and take singles. Work up to a one-rep max.

Recommended Equipment

Weight Lifting Shoes

weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel and a hard sole. A raised heel can be helpful because most people lack the ankle mobility to squat deep without their heels coming off the ground. Hard soles are even more important, though, because it’s almost impossible to squat well if your feet are squishing into a soft surface

Flat Soled Shoes

flat soled shoes

One of the variations you’ll do in the program is a powerlifting-style squat. To do this type of squat well, perform them in shoes that have hard, flat soles. You don’t necessarily need to go buy shoes with a flat sole, but make sure you’re not squatting in shoes that have thick, high, or soft soles. The closer your feet are to solid ground, the better. Flat soled shoes also will help with ankle mobility in the fact that it will make these shoes won’t support you at all be careful if you are wearing these to not let your ankle rise.

Weight Lifting Belt

weightlifting belt

A weight belt is one of the most important things in your gym bag, especially if you want to be the proud owner of a big-ass squat. I suggest getting a thick, leather belt that will hold up for a lot of uses. They are great for squats and deadlifts because they both protect your lower back and make it easier for your core to support the weight. Try not to use the belt for every lift so that you can strengthen your core and lower back.

Knee Wraps and Knee Sleeves

knee wraps and sleeves

Knee sleeves are designed to help protect the knee joints. They also have the benefit of keeping your knees warm and giving you a bit of bounce out of the hole.

Over Training

Many people think that squatting every day will cause them to be overtraining but overtraining is a chronic condition that’s the result of exercising far beyond your recovery capacity for a long period of time. Which by achieving 1 heavy squat idea will in no way peak you to the point you cant recover unless you are not eating or sleeping properly.


  • Close Stance Deep Squat
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Belt
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Pause
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Pause and Belt
  • Front Squat
  • Front Squat with Pause
  • Front Squat with Belt
  • Front To Back Squat with Belt
  • Wide Stance Squat
  • Close Stance Deep Squat with Belt and Knee Wraps
  • Back or Front Squat with Belt and Long Pause

Now Go and Explore and Learn, Grow and SQUAT!!!

Get the program and read all about it here:

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