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How To Begin Weightlifting

  1. Plan your goals

Weightlifting can vary a lot from person to person depending on their goals so the first thing you need to do is decide what you goal is and the more specific the better. There are many types of goals to help you go through here are a variety of goals you can aim for.

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle gain
  • Fat loss
  • Strength gain
  • Functional strength gain
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Flexibility

When selecting you can work on more than 1 but many contradict each other so choosing 1 or 2 make it much easier to start

  1. Start on Machines

When you start weightlifting the first thing you see your mentors/ or inspiration doing are free weights and of course they are the best but they are also the most dangerous. I think everyone who begins a weightlifting program should start on machines. This is the safest way to begin building up strength because your muscles are locked into a guided range of motion. When you start weightlifting it takes a while for your body to learn to recruit muscle fibers to help stabilize the muscle which is important for safety (so you don’t drop the weight on your neck or head).

  1. Make a plan or find someone who can

Planning is one of the most important thing in weightlifting, even experienced trainers have some sort of plan when they train. Even I have a 4 week or an 8 week plan made up. So first thing you should do is look online, talk to someone and make yourself a workout plan. A plan makes sure you don’t get lost in the gym and end up not having an effective workout or feel scared to do something.

  1. Stick to your main exercises

When you start you don’t want to be doing the most specialized exercises. You don’t want to be doing some insane gymnastic plyometric randomness which without experience will end it a lot of pain and probably a bit of shame. So you are going to want to stick to your main movements which are your S,B,DL,OHP (Squat, Bench, Dead Lift, and Over Head Press). These movements work all the muscles in your body to some extent and are basically your bodies most natural movements.

  1. Do not follow the code “no pain no gain”

As a beginner you don’t have a firm grasp over the difference in pain between pain of lactic acid and pain of injury so you need to make sure your form in each exercise is on point (this goes back to why you use machines). Once you have experienced the difference between these pains you will be able to train to intensity of your heros till then don’t push through pain to get more reps

  1. Be confident

The gym is a great place and not one to be scared of. A majority of people in the gym will never really even notice your presence because of the fact they are there to get their workout and they simply don’t care about you and yours (sounds mean but its not).

  1. Execute! And don’t give up

Now that you have what you need its time to do it and not give up! Too many people exercise for a few months and then give up. Make changes in your lifestyle and make lifting a necessary part of your week or even day so that we can reach the goals we set back in step one and make them even better!

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