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How To train: Blitzkrieg Triple Press

If Reading is not your Thing I have made you a video showing off the same Idea

The Blitzkrieg triple press is fun variation to your dumbbell bench press that uses some simple muscle fiber location science! This is a great finisher exercise for any chest day as it will tear up all three major muscles of the chest (pectoral major, minor and medial) as well as your shoulders and triceps!

How To do the blitzkrieg Triple Press

1, First perform high incline dumbbell press until you reach muscular failure.


2, Then move the bench to a lower incline and continue to perform reps until failure.

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3, Finally, drop the bench to a flat position and get in as many reps as you can!


How the Blitzkrieg Triple Press Works

Because of the fact most people learn flat bench far before they ever learn any incline and the fact on nearly everybody a majority of muscle fibers are located in the mid and lower chest. So you start on the incline and go to failure to break down a majority of the upper pectoral and shoulders, then we move down to a lower incline to move the focus slightly off the upper pectoral onto the pectoral medial and adding more stress to the triceps allowing you to do more reps. then once you achieve muscular failure you move to the flat bench which moves the stress onto a combination of all of your chest muscles, triceps, and triceps which will again allow you to get some more reps out tearing apart the entirety of the chest!

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