The BeastPack Personal Training

The BeastPack is dedicated to top of the line personal training with the best service in the industry for an insanely competitive price!

Our personal trainers are young but insanely passionate and always working without rest to improve their craft. Our personal trainers provide a complete package of services to our clients from ensuring your first program is personalized specifically to you, your lifestyle, needs and goals, to checking in weekly and ensuring the program is both working effectively and is satisfying you, all the way to making changes to your program whenever necessary for absolutely no charge!

Basic Pricing

$50/Monthly  for Personalized Workout Programming

$75/Monthly for Personalized Nutritional Programming

$100/Monthly for Personalized Workout & Nutritional Programming

In-Person Personal Training

The BeastPack Personal Trainers are currently all located in London, Ontario Canada!

In-Person Personal Training is by far

How Online Personal Training/ Coaching Works

Online Personal Training/ Coaching is relatively new to the fitness industry and isn’t completely understood by everyone so here is a quick explanation what goes into online coaching.

  1. First you purchase a program for as long as you think it will be necessary to achieve your goals in mind (you can contact me for help with this via my email at
  2. I will email you a questionnaire for you to fill out to help me create your personalized program.
  3. Once i retrieve the questionnaire I ask for a maximum of 7 days to create, deliver and refine your program (it doesn’t usually take this long but I like to provide sure fire time slots)
  4. We will have weekly check ins where we will tweak anything if necessary!

Personal Trainers

Zack Ramsey – Head Trainer

Zack Ramsey both The CEO and Head Trainer for The BeastPack.


Certified as a Person Training Specialist through CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals)

12 year hockey experience

4 year football/ powerlifting experience

1 year bodybuilding experience


Zack Ramsey has been obsessed with Fitness and Nutrition for the past 5 years!

Entering High School Zack wanted to be considered more manly so standing 5 foot 10 and barely over 100lbs he decided to join his school’s football team after several days of coaches telling him he was too small and being thrown around like a rag doll Zack had the bug of fitness. Zack wanted to prove everyone wrong and be one of the biggest, baddest guys on the field and after 3 years of research into nutrition and exercise he had gained over 120lbs and was a starting defensive end, and offensive tackle!

After that Zack began to see the power and confidence he gained from fitness and health and decided that he wanted to set his sights on his true passion of bodybuilding. he then cut down to 190lbs and is currently working towards his first show in may 2017!

Throughout that entire 5 years Zack spend countless hours researching on all topics of fitness and health as he knew that he wanted to spread his love of fitness and health to as many people as possible!


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