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Preparation Is Success

If you are not a fan of reading here is a video where i speak on the same topic

Preparation is the most important step towards success. Kai Greene says it best when he speaks on the 5 Ps “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” he speaks on the fact that he believes that lack of preparation leads to failure.

Preparation is everything when it comes to success as it is an entire step in the timeline of success. The timeline of success goes as follows

  1. You have an idea
  2. you create a goal out of this idea
  3. you prepare how to go about getting this idea/ goal
  4. you then begin action in taking the steps necessary to getting this idea/ goal
  5. you fail
  6. you learn from the failure and prepare better
  7. either succeed or continue to learn and repeat.

Preparation is everything to success, giving a simple example is as if you decided that your goal was to play in the NFL (American Football). If you made this goal and did no preparation and showed up at try outs then you would be no match compared to anyone else.

Any work done towards a goal is called preparation, every workout is prep for the competition, every time you sleep, eat, and stay stress free is prep for the workouts.

every decision you make is prep towards your ultimate goal and that is the mindset that will make you permanently successful.

If you changed every decision you made to properly prepare for your goal how would your day look like? And is this day worth it to attain your goal? Let me know in the comments below!

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