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Personalized Workout Programming $50 Monthly


My name is Zack Ramsey I am a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist.

I am devoted to creating the most effective, personalized program for you, your body, and your goals!

A simple saying we firmly believe in here at The BeastPack is the 5 Ps principle “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” We believe this because a huge reason people do not make the progress they want is due to the complexity and difficulty of properly planning a workout program. The BeastPack does all the planning to ensure that your time spent training is spent most effectively and that you can achieve your fitness goals!

For $50/ Month we do all of your workout programming all customized to your goals, experience, level of fitness, and body.

How this works is that once you purchase the program I will send you a questionnaire to get all your information necessary to make your program. After I have received your questionnaire I ask for 1 week to complete your program and deliver it to you and you will begin training! And each week on the weekends we will have a check in either via skype or email (whichever you prefer) and discuss anything that needs improvement and how the week went (we can also discuss throughout the week).

I am very excited to work with you and get you going on your fitness goals!

To You and Your Health

-Zack Ramsey Head Trainer at The BeastPack

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