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Sugar Free Vegan (2/31) – The Hardest Part

It’s only the second day and I should keep this light and fun. You guys reading this are still deciding whether this is worth your time. (thanks for reading, by the way)

One the other hand this is all about honesty and honestly, I’m going out of my tiny mind. The sugar cravings are so bad. My body is going through some symptoms as well, but the headaches I’ve had all day aren’t half as bad as that constant nagging voice at the back of my mind whispering: chocolate.

It’ll pass. It’ll pass.



Today I went to the supermarket and bought one of every type of hummus they carry. For dinner I’ll conduct a taste test to determine which I like best.

I’m trying to educate my palate in the pleasures of sugar free snacking.

As I was walking along the shelves in the store, I passed a display of vegan chocolate spread (think Nutella, but not as nice).

I passed it.

I walked back.

I walked away again. And returned.

I picked up the jar, looked at it and put it back. I kept looking at it. I wanted it. I wanted it so bad. I wanted that tiny jar of chocolate more than I ever wanted any lover.

Finally I walked away… And then returned after a big loop around the periphery of the store.

In the end the only thing that saved me was the store employee, who had noticed my strange antics and kept looking at me with one eyebrow raised.

Don’t judge me, store employee, I’m going through withdrawal.

I left with hummus, pita, a lot of fresh vegetables and a big jar of peanut butter. I felt like a hero going through those doors, having beaten my cravings and walking victorious off into the sunset.

In total I had 9 grams of sugar today.

I feel accomplished mentally and defeated physically.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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