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Sugar Free Vegan Series (1/31) – Introduction

My name is Michaela and I’m a sugar addict
I switched to a vegan diet and it might be making me sick.
Shocking, right? I know it took me a while to get used to the idea.
Over the past months I started feeling more and more run down. I had no energy, I was always tired, but I couldn’t get to sleep. I couldn’t concentrate and my skin was breaking out. In my thirties, this shouldn’t be happening anymore. To the best of my knowledge then, I was living a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t know what to do to feel better. Then I took a hard look at my diet.
While nosing around the Internet, I found a couple of articles about sugar addiction and going by the symptoms, I’m a 5/5, gold star, poster child for sugar addiction. Looking back now, I’m surprised it took me so long to realize. (What? Not everyone walks to the store at three in the morning to buy cookies?)
I’m a very lucky vegan. There’s 3 independent whole food shops and a weekly farmers market within ten minutes walking distance of my house. My city even has a dedicated vegan supermarket and a number of restaurants that are either vegan or have vegan options.
I’ve got it all.
But I made no use of it. Instead I indulged in vegan convenience foods. Chocolate (so much chocolate), granola, sorbets, apple crisps, cookies, cakes, fruit bars and an Olympic standard pool’s worth of pre-packed smoothies.
After logging my food on one of those apps for two weeks, I found out my daily sugar intake is between 120 and 170 grams… The NHS recommends no more than 30g per day for an adult.
Um. Oops?
Drastic changes need to happen and you get to read all the gory details.
From today until the end of the month, I’ll be living low sugar. After my first day on the new diet I’m nervous, I’m not going to lie.
For breakfast I had celery sticks dipped in peanut butter, because I had no other ideas. My usual breakfast of granola, soya yoghurt and dried fruits has a total sugar contend of 60g all by itself. So celery it was.
I drank my coffee black instead of with agave nectar. It felt like drinking a cup of sadness and misery.
In the afternoon I bust out the cookbooks and marked all recipes that either conformed to my new diet or could be easily converted. I found some delicious sounding dishes and I’m hoping tomorrow will go better.
My app informed me that today I had – drumroll, please- 16g of sugar. Nice.
That’s literally a tenth of what I had yesterday.
Day 1 of 31 is officially a success (I can’t stop thinking about cookies)
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