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Sugar Free Vegan Series (7/31)

Yesterday was Nikolaus here in Germany, a day where Santa comes to the kids to give little presents to the good boys and girls and Santa’s buddy Krampus sticks the bad kids in his burlap sack and carries them off. But enough of our charming local traditions.

Nikolaus day kicks off the Christmas season for real and I used it as an excuse to forget all about healthy eating. I stuck to my sugar goal (13gram total for the day) but I ate an entire mountain of fried foods.

This whole thing is about my health, but I seem to have a real knack for finding the worst choice on the menu.
I’m struggling.
And I don’t even know why!
On paper my first week has been great. I hit below my sugar target six days out of seven. I got through detox symptoms and I feel good. After breaking out at the beginning of the week, now my skin is clear and luminous to an extend that I haven’t seen without the intervention of a cosmetician.
I get out of bed much easier in the mornings and I feel like I have more energy. So much energy in fact that I’ve started working off my “to-do list of personal admin and self improvement” (snappy title, right?) I signed up for a half marathon in September and I went for a first training run this morning. It was more of an energetic shuffle, but that’s not the point.
The changes I’ve made clearly put me on the right track.
Why do I feel like I’m not doing enough? Is that just who I am as a person? Never satisfied, that’s not who I want to be. It doesn’t sound much fun.
From tomorrow on I’ll be a positive person with a sunny disposition. You just watch. I’ll unfuck my head. I’ve kicked the chocolate habit, I can lift my outlook. I’ll be so delightful, chipper and cheerful.
Oh yes. That sounds like a pleasant change.
Welcome to the sunny side of the road.
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  1. I very much admire your efforts in reducing your sugar consumption, it is inspiring! Your frank and honest commentary is appreciated.

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