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The 4 Aspects of Work

If you arent a big reader then here is a video on this exact topic

There are 4 mains categories you can place everything you do into

Fun Work

Paid Work

Necessary Work

and Unproductive Things

anything you do at any second in 24 hours of a day can be put into one of these 4 categories so let me describe what each mean and how you can truly understand the concept

The first category of work in my mind is Paid Work

We have all had a job which we have done solely for the money. these jobs are important as these jobs let us do what we truly want, these jobs provide us with the funds to go to college, to move up towards our dream jobs, start our own businesses, travel to where we want to go, etc

I consider paid work to be something that is only for a limited amount of time. no one should work in a job they just use for the money their entire life. the job should be almost a gateway towards something better!

The next is Fun Work

Fun work is work that is targeted towards your goals/ dreams or is enjoyable to do. this work is different for everyone, for me my fun work is writing articles, making youtube videos, working on The BeastPack, and working out. for some people this work is boring, sucky, or just plain horrible. Fun work often is not the most productive work or often costs more money than it makes. Fun work can also lead to the best things in life and is insanely important to have in your life.

The reason I say that it is insanely important that if you put enough time, effort, and work into Fun Work then one day you can live off of the Fun Work. You can take the funds from your Paid Work use them to work towards your fun work whether that be building your own business, studying towards a new career, or something else.

The third aspect of work is Necessary Work

Necessary Work is the work that no matter what needs to be done to be successful in both your Paid and Fun Work. Necessary Work is different for everyone much like Fun Work is. For some people their examples of Fun work are Necessary Work for others while for some the exact opposite

Examples of Necessary Work for me is sleep, Paperwork, and Meal Prep. For many people sleep is considered fun work because they enjoy sleep but for me I wish I had more time in the day and sleep is something that is necessary for me to do well in bodybuilding and in the gym.

So it is important to understand the importance of the Necessary thing and do them constantly as they are necessary for a reason!

The final aspect of work is what I like to call Unproductive Things

Unproductive Things are a way to group everything you do that has no beneficial property to your ultimate goal.

Now, being unproductive is not inherently bad as it is often said, sometimes it is necessary to do something that does not productive towards your goals as it gives your brain and body a rest and a refresher. In a weird sense of things, being unproductive every once and a while helps you be even more productive!

I hope this article makes sense and helps you understand what work means what

-Zack Ramsey

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