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The BeastPack updates and My thoughts

So if you haven’t heard by now My Tumblr blog was terminated by Tumblr staff for spam and the support has not been responding to my requests on appealing to the termination. So I have basically given up and accepted that I will not be getting my tumblr account back.

I am trying to have a different outlook than others would have in this situation. I imagine most in my situation would be angry, sad, and would want to lash out against tumblr but I want to be different beast in this situation as that’s what I pride myself in. I am not angry, I am not sad, and I will not have any ill wishes towards tumblr, this situation was a mistake that with such a large company has been overlooked and uncorrected.

I believe in the saying that “my goal shall stay firm but my path is always flexible”. I will become big in the fitness industry but my path there will change I thought originally it would be via tumblr but with this loss I must change paths and find a new way to achieve that goal

Being sad, mad, or depressed would only slow me down as in life no one has sympathy for you. It sounds harsh because it is, if you are sad and pout no one is going to want you to personal train them, no one Is going to take your advice they don’t give a shit about your downfalls all they care about is how hard you work and what you can do for them. So when life knocks you down spend any time needed weaping but make it short and get back to work as fast as possible because the more time you spend sulking is less time spent moving forward. The simple quote that sums this all up “it doesn’t matter if you fall down it only matters that you get up and keep going”

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