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The Cube Method

The program:

1 day per week for each powerlifting movement and 1 day each week for a bodybuilding/ accessory day. Ran in 3 week waves so for that you train each movement differently each for 3 weeks (heavy, repetition, and explosive/ speed) and also you never do the same type of training twice in 1 week (there aren’t 2 heavy days, or 2 speed days or 2 rep days.) there are 3 waves of 3 weeks in total (9 week program which is if the 10th week is your meet. Each wave reduces the volume a little bit and increases the intensity a little bit. So you go from higher volume and smaller weight to lower volume and higher weight. 10th week can also just be a PR week. This is a very typical old school American style powerlifting program.

Peek week: is a de-load week

Best for late or advanced powerlifters because training changes week to week while beginners and intermediates don’t need that much change every week.

The Cube method goes out of its way to make sure there is no fatigue. Not enough volume for newer or intermediate lifters.

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