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The Past Is The Best Teacher

I wanted to talk on a topic that I made a post about earlier today where I spoke on thinking about my past and I wanted to expand on it.

Friday for me is always leg day and since it is the end of the school week and to me legs is one of my most important days (all my training sessions are important but it’s the legendary feeling of legs). So with the extra time I have since its Friday I take my time. Usually I rush right from school to the gym, drinking my pre workout on the walk and getting right to it with no real break but on Fridays I walk to the gym, make my pre workout sit in a massage chair for like half an hour and sip my pre workout then take my time warming up, stretching and foam rolling. And what I do while im taking this time is I like to reflect of my decisions for the week (whether it be life, business, training, etc) but this week was really slow due to back to back snow days so I began thinking about life decisions.

why did I have relationships that have failed? (romantic, personal, business or even just friendly)

what did I contribute to those failed relationships?

how could I have changed to saved or possibly made the best out of that relationship?

was I too quick of judgement or too slow?

All of these questions came to mind about the past and soo many thoughts of what I did wrong, things I could have done better, things I could have improved but yet no regret. Many times you will have seen me post about not worrying about the past because you can’t change it but today I kind of realized in the same hand you must also learn from the past.

The past is our biggest teacher but it is also where we lie to ourselves the most. Many times we look to the past and remember things differently. Much like how in war the winning country decides how the history is told and who is the good guy so is your mind. When you remember something you are nearly always in the right in your mind you are almost never the bad guy or the problem maker. To truly learn and grow you need to get rid of the idea that you always did the best decision or that others were wrong. Get rid of the idea that your boss was mean or that your ex was a bitch or a dick, or that your parents were stupid because at some point or another your treasured these relationships and had respect or love for these people so yes it is possible that they changed but often a problem isn’t cause by only 1 person so take some responsibility and see what you could have truly done to improve the ending.

I see it as I chose to end a lot of relationships or I caused problems which I blamed on others.

Examples would be I would blame teachers that they weren’t teaching me when really I wouldn’t do their assigned homework or study for tests and I would take teachers that respect me and I would create problems until they disliked me as a student. Also I would have girlfriends who were great girls but they would go through hard times and I would get self-conscious and think they didn’t care about me and I would create problems and then blame them when they would get mad or frustrated with me.

So next time you are training or just spending some time thinking reflect on your life and your decisions and how you affected those relationships or what other decisions you could have made. Sometimes it isn’t all about lifting heavy weights and eating healthy foods sometimes you have to focus on your mind because to truly become a Beast (the strongest version of yourself) you must focus on all aspects not just the body but the mind as well!

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