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The World Has No Sympathy For Inaction – Thinking Piece

Something I see soo much both in life and in the fitness industry is when people get 1 or 2 set backs they simply give up. They simply cant take the punches of life and instead of fighting back they simply leave the ring.

Life is going to punch everyone in the face quite a few times and the more you want in life the more you will get punched and it frustrates me to no end how people will settle for less than they want because they are scared to get punched. Failure is a stepping stone towards success not away from it. The road to success is windy going left, right, up and down but all in the direction towards success.

anyways, lets get to the point of this article. Lately, I lost my tumblr (it’s a huge thing that happened that’s why im always talking about it) im down from 34,000 followers on social media to 1,400 followers a 96% drop in followers. So I had a few people who I told this who said I should take some time off to sulk and get over it and for a second I thought I should do that but I came to the concept that the world has no sympathy for inaction.

If I was to take time off I would gain no followers (or even lose some). I would be stagnant or even worse id move back. That doesn’t make sense to me why people would do that, why would you take a break after a setback as that is the optimal time to get back to work. Yes the setbacks hurt but taking time off or quitting doesn’t fix the problem it’s letting the problem destroy you. In football we learned this “you will eventually get knocked down but the faster you get up the more likely you are to make the play because if you just stay down then you have no chance of catching the opportunity while if you pop up you never know when the opportunity will come or how the play will develop”.

Now, when I say the world has no sympathy for inaction is I want you to tell me how many people who produce no content? How many people who are silent? How many people that are invisible? You would follow none because you have no sympathy for inaction because though the person in real life is a great person because they do not produce content you don’t follow them or give a shit about them. You don’t follow @randomguy87 on twitter who hasn’t tweeted in 6 months. You don’t pay someone money for a service that you don’t know about. People need to see action to care, inaction means being invisible and uncared about by an audience. So in conclusion remember when you get hit that you gotta pop back up because the longer you stay down the longer you don’t grow, and the entire time no one has sympathy for you because its your goal and very few others give a shit if it fails or succeeds.

This is simply a thinking piece. When I write these I don’t want to convince you that my stand/ view point is correct I want to cause you to think. Allow my points to make you think, allow my points to make you question yourself, allow my points to have an impact on your daily life. Thank you for reading!

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