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We Are All Constantly Perfect

I had this talk with a friend a few nights ago about perfection. She told me she was a mess and not good at all and I said to her she was “perfect” and she immediately responded with “no one can be perfect” which made me think of something I read long ago that said “if no one is something couldn’t we all be that thing, unless someone has achieved and defined something then there it does not exist but in each one of our minds with a differed definition.”.

If I asked Hollywood to describe perfection they would have a completely different idea than I would and if I asked you what perfection meant you would have a completely different definition of it as well. So that’s where I begin my point in we are all “perfect”.

I was asked by a psychologist a few months back “why do I want to grow soo much?” and I answered simply “because I want to be great and perfect” and she looked at me with care in her eyes and said “zack you are already great” and I didn’t disagree at all. I am great but I want to be greater as I hope and think all humans should think and this is where this idea and thinking stemmed from originally.

My definition of perfection is all based around constant growth. My definition of growth is constantly growing and expanding. I am my definition of perfection my mind, body, and spirit but every day I expect more from myself in all those categories. My definition of perfection grows. From when I started this at 12: 30pm to now at 12:50pm I have always been perfect but my definition of perfection has grown. In 10 years my definition will be completely different, hell in 10 minutes my definition will have changed with some aspect from what I see, Learn, feel, hear, taste, or simply experience as that is constant growth.

Now, people may be offended or think negatively and say “so you think you are always perfect” and that is where our definitions differ. I am always perfect but my definition always changes. For example maybe today I define my lack of ability to articulate my thoughts through my mouth as perfect but I hope one day that my definition changes so that I may consider my ability to speak beautifully and clearly as perfect. Basically what I’m saying is though you consider a trait perfect does not mean it can’t be improved. Perfection is much like numbers and are infinite, we will never reach the end of numbers because as the universe expands so do numbers infinitely until the end of time much like perfection. At once we thought a horse pulling a carriage was perfect transportation now we fly over oceans and travel in supersonic trains and one day we may teleport from continent to continent in mere seconds and every day till then we will find new perfect means of travel.  When you stop growing and decide this form of yourself is perfect is when you become truly pompous, naïve, and destructive to others.

Now about others, never hold another to your definition of perfection. I want to say soo badly to consider everyone perfect and along my article this makes sense but there are some people who we dislike or make our lives harder. My main piece of advice to follow along this topic of others is to treat everyone good and evil as if they are perfect because they are even if they do not match or even hurt your definition of perfect. If we all follow that rule we could live in such a perfect society so please even the others around you don’t do it to help society as a whole.

In conclusion, always consider yourself Perfect! This is the ultimate definition of self-love and care but never stop growing your definition of perfection. Every second become almost in a sense “more perfect”, grow you perfection based on everything you experience!

Good Luck!

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