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Working Out is Better Than Sex!

OK so I’m about to tell you something that some of you will completely agree with and some people are going to be astonished with but I believe working out is plain and simply better than sex. Now before I get attacked by those who don’t understand let me clarify, sex is amazing and on the list of amazing things it is my definite #2.

It was said best by Arnold Schwarzenegger “the pump is like Cumming”. Working out legitimately feels just as good as sex

Ok let’s talk about some science behind why working out feels soo good.

After a hard workout your muscles become filled with blood and nutrients creating what is known as “the pump” because the muscles look bigger and fuller “pumped” there is an emotional booster due to the fact that your muscles look bigger giving a positive feeling usually of accomplishment or achievement which promotes the release of endorphins “the happy enzyme”

Another reason is when muscle fibers are broken down the body releases massive amounts of endorphins to your brain giving you a type of high. A study proved that some runners can produce enough endorphins to be compared to the high of marijuana. So when someone claims they have a “runners high” they are not messing around.

The final and most important point is that after working out many of your fast and slow twitch muscles continue to process by contracting and relaxing which gives a feeling many describe as “feeling like jello” because the muscle fibers are exhausted and near completely shut down by lactic acid. This is a combination of a feeling of numbness and the tingling feeling of the constant firing of muscle fibers. To some this can quite bothersome but to many that agree with my point this is a very comfortable feeling especially when added with stretching and foam rolling. It feels much like (excuse the imagery) but as the genitals do after sex (again I apologize but it’s very true) very relaxed, and exhausted and a sensitive feeling which is very nice to stretch and foam roll.

Now not everyone is going to experience all the above things. So here are some more personal reasons I think working out is better than sex.

I am a young man who has taken on way too much work in an attempt to achieve my dreams so nearly 24/7 I am focused on business, school, work, and my future (yes all at once, my head is very congested with all of it). So there are 2 times in life when my mind gets completely off all that stuff sex and working out. When you have sex you completely focus on it, there is very little that can take your mind off what you are doing and that for me is the same with the gym. Trust me I know that there are time in the gym that the gym could be burning down and I wouldn’t notice till I finished my reps. The gym is a place for me to completely clear my mind and feel good. It also is far less stressful of sex. As a responsible person often sex can be a worry, especially because I am so young that a child or an STI could set my dreams and goals back years possibly even decades. While at the gym there is very little to stress about the worst possible thing would be an injury but that can be easily solved.

So in the end I would say working out is better than sex but obviously my opinion is exactly that only my opinion, so feel free to leave you opinion below on why you disagree, agree, or just want to join in the conversation!

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